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Friday, January 21, 2011


Still here, still waiting...

I did manage to get the laundry area floor passably less horrible than it was, yesterday - and believe you me, while it will never be considered "clean", it now looks less like the perfect setting for a creature-feature and more like linoleum.

The Evil Genius and I went to Borders for our weekly discussion group last night - it'll be the last one I get to for a while, and I figured that, even though I really shouldn't be so far from home and Redneck General Horspital and Sock Emporium, I could use the night out. Someone stayed home and got in a bit of Someone time...something he'll find in short supply soon enough, so I can't blame him! He also got the replacement machines ready to install...

When I got home, I helped him get the replacements in...if by "helped" you mean sat on the stairs and watched. He had to finagle 'em in place - it's a tight squeeze - and I did get to fetch tools and whatnot...and, because it's Casa de Crazy, you know they couldn't just get hooked up and slid into place - we had to have some merriment and rearranging and a little bit of "Why the hell is that there??" before all was said and done. There was duct tape involved, and a few towels, and some zip-ties. Yep...sounds like a party!

We ran our first load in the washer last night. Today I am trying to figure out if there's a way to convince the dryer that it doesn't really need to sound a buzzer when it's done.

I spent an uncomfortable night, last night - I'm relegated to sleeping on my sides, and I have to turn every hour or so or risk some wicked butt cramps. I have heartburn, and it's gotten to the point that I chew a Tums every time I turn over. Ugh. Also, I have some new aches/sensations...which could be a baby moving around in there or could be the very beginnings of labor, I just don't know. I'm nowhere near ready to make the drive to Redneck Central General Horspital and Sock Emporium, but I have hopes that maybe this evening or tomorrow morning we can go have us a baby.

Of course, with my luck, she'll decide that she, like her mother, is fundamentally lazy and will opt for the easy way out (for her, anyway - a c-section is not so easy for me).

I'm having a slow, lazy day today - moving about feels like work right now - just doing laundry and a little housework in between rounds of Wii Resort and online foolery.

What's up in your neck o' the woods? And if you've had a baby au natural, how'd you know it was time?


Felinae said...

The only reason that I knew it was time...my water broke, 2 1/2 weeks ahead of schedule, but break it did.

Not once did I even have a contraction, not even during labor. I was hooked up to some monitor, when I saw the little line peak, the doctor told me to push.

I slept through most of it. I had to be induced since my water broke and there were no contractions. 3:00 in the morning the nurse came in to check on me and woke me up when she screamed "OH MY GOD YOU'RE CROWNING. I HAVE TO CALL THE DOCTOR!!" Doctor arrived at 3:15 got me all hooked up, got himself ready. 3 pushes later at 3:57AM, B's popped out.

No pain killers, nothing so I was beyond happy that it was an extremely easy delivery.

I wish you well on the birth of little sprout.

Momlady said...

Could you possibly wait until I get my W & D delivered and set up tomorrow morning? LOL