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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I dropped the Evil Genius off at his father's last evening - didn't plan on driving the lad down and had to rearrange the evening to do it, but T couldn't come get him as planned (we all know about "the best laid plans...") and I didn't want the little guy to miss out on his Daddy time.

The house is quiet this morning. Even when he's sleeping, my son has a presence in this house...when he's not here we feel the absence, are as conscious of it as we are of ourselves.

I'm off for what is probably the last pre-Sprout OB visit (I won't miss hauling my carcass out of bed extra early - for me - for these happy little visits with the scale doctor, either) - if she's not out on her own by next Tuesday, then she'll be getting an assist! One week, then, or less, to baby.


Are we ready?

Umm...no. No one's every ready, and don't let 'em try to tell you otherwise. There's always something...

In our case, we are as ready as we're getting - she has clothing, a place to sleep, and there's even a can of (ohmuhgoodness, what's in it to make it so freakin' expensive, gold dust???) formula in the cupboard in case, as with Bird, my (insert your favorite euphemism for "breasts" here) decide not to function.

The bags are packed, the car seat installed, nappies, wipes, and ointment at the ready.

The house is as clean as I care to get it, which is to say, not very, but it's not toxic or filthy and dust bunnies make terrific playmates, don't they??

All that's missing is Sprout; a natural performer, I think she's just waiting to make her entrance.

The rest of today will be spent in doing laundry - we're preparing to remove my poor, tired, almost-but-not-quite-worn-out laundry machines and go fetch Mum's old-but-still-quite-serviceable ones to put in their place - and working on some sewing projects, as well as simply having a few precious quiet moments with Someone before the chaos ramps up a notch around Casa de Crazy.

Unless, that is, Sprout decides that today's the day...but if she's made up her mind on that score, she ain't tellin' me.

What're y'all up to?


That Janie Girl said...

Aw. I bet y'all are excited, in the waiting! She'll be here soon! Have a blessed day.

Momlady said...

My dust rhinos will beat up your dust bunnies any day!
I really need to clean before my trip. Guess that'll be after the girl makes her arrival. I'm on standby.

Pearl said...

Oh, here she comes!!! Those last days are so exhausting, aren't they?

Love that you mentioned dust bunnies being excellent playmates. :-) I'll bet you're a good -- and entertaining! -- mom.


HermitJim said...

I know all about "old but still quite serviceable", being a little along those lines myself!

Things should get interesting here real quick, I'm thinking!