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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Because Timing Is Everything

Don't get excited, we're not Sprouting yet - I just had another slow-starting day and have been busy getting last-minute details taken care of.

I am feeling rather uncomfortable and maybe something akin to what could be possibly considered a contraction-like activity if you squint and think about it really hard.

Or it could just be wishful thinking.

I suspect she will out tomorrow. Why?

It could be because since the start January 23 has been ringing through my brain like a great, bronze bell tolling the hourse through the town square.

It could be because a friend who has only been wrong once in twenty-something years said wee hours on the 23'd, and more people have predicted the 23'd than any other date.

Or, it could be because there's not only two football games on (NFC and AFC championships) but there's finally hockey on again. Somone woud have paroxysms of delight...not that either of us is die-hard about football, but we dig watching together, and we are rather fond of hockey. So...you just know she'll out when there are three games to miss.

Fine by me, though...don't tell the little wench, but we have TiVo.

What're your weekend plans??


Vodka Mom said...

the 23rd? YES!!!! I KNOW it will be!!!

(And I'll tell you why later. )

love to you.

That Janie Girl said...

How exciting! I know you've been very very patient.

Maybe she'll come during the commercials of the game?