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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am pre-posting this because one way or another I'm busy at the moment - either recovering from the natural egress of a Sprout or recovering from a c-section.

Details about weight, length, time and shoe size will inevitably follow, but for now - if I had the c-section, I went in to Redneck Central General Horspital and Sock Emporium at 5:30 (The morning one, and whose idea was it to have a morning one?? Not mine, that's whose...) and they sliced and diced at 7:30.

If I had her naturally, I can't begin to speculate as to when or what happened...so you're spared the details for now.

I should be recovering nicely by now, and (I hope) finally able to hold my wee Sprout.

Pictures and plenty of drivel as soon as I/we can manage it (I am giving Someone my password so he can post here if he wants, but don't hold your breaths...).

Thank you for your continued well-wishes and support...y'all are awesome!

1 comment:

HermitJim said...

I'm looking forward to some pictures! Hope/glad that everything came out alright!(no intended pun here)

Just thing, after today you can get some rest, right???? NOT!