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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What WOULD I do? And you?

I bought a lottery ticket on Friday. The jackpot was over 100 million, worth $2.00 for two sets of numbers. I mean, if I won, that'd be a heck of a return on investment, well worth not buying the cup of coffee I was thinking about.

I didn't win.


As I was paying the nice lady at the convenience store for the ticket, she asked me what I would do with all that money.

I told her "Probably give most of it away", which is true.

Have you played the "What I'd buy with the lottery money" game?

I have. Many times. Let's play.

I would:

Clear debts - pay off my house, mum's land and house, and zero out every bill we have. Then I'd do the same for the people I love, if they'd let me. Friends, family, even my sister-outlaw (my ex-sister-in-law who refuses to let me out of the family, bless her!) and my ex-husband. Everyone gets set to zero, at the very least.

Establish trusts for the children in my life - mine and other people's. I wouldn't tell the kids about it...but I'd make sure the money would work, build itself, be there for them, help them establish themselves in life...and if they fall, they wouldn't fall too far or have too hard a landing.

Buy land. Lots of it.

Build the house I've dreamed of. It's not large - but it's spacious, and it's as green as I can make it. It's a house meant to last generations, meant to be sustainable off the grid should society go to hell.

Build a good, sturdy, tall fence.

Buy an RV (a small one that I could drive).

Travel from time to time.

Once I had my Haven, once I'd seen to the people I love, helped them get a better footing in life (without, I hope, ruining them, because money can, has, and will do that to a body), once I'd seen to the next generation's needs and set aside enough to keep me and mine in comfort, and a little extra for mad money...then I'd start looking for ways to use the rest to benefit my world.

There'd likely be a pagan scholarship or ten. Why not? There are Christian ones, and Muslim ones, and ones for people of varying ethnicity...why not a pagan one, too?

Donate to ailing and failing library systems.

Donate to the women's shelter.

Donate to clinics and hospitals that treat people without insurance (because I may resist the idea of nationalized healthcare, but I'm fine with paying for someone else when it's my CHOICE).

Fund a no-kill animal shelter and donate to local shelters - they're crowded, and the future is looking rather grim for our four-legged friends. As the economy tanks, they lose.

Employ people.

Repay the kindness some of my fellow bloggers have shown me, and then pay it forward, too.

Be a patron of the arts...so many symphonies, theatres, dance troupes, and museums need love and support, and I really do think the arts are vital to our collective soul.

Keep my promise to share with the Waffle house waitress, the nice stocker-lady, produce and deli people, and cashiers at Publix who are always so kind and just genuinely nice people (hey, Publix? They're why I drive past TWO other, newer, sometimes cheaper grocery stores to get to you).

Think I can't do all that? Yes, I can - because what I need to keep me happy for the rest of my life isn't money...although greenbacks will help. What I need is space, and knowing that the people I love are OK, that they can live without fearing the loss of home or health. I need freedom to be myself, to raise my son to be strong, free-thinking, and independent.

Oh...and maybe some lipo and new boobs, because I wouldn't mind a less-than-fifty-acre ass and something that a bra could actually fit. Yep, shallow as a teaspoon, baby.

Your turn - tell me what you'd do with $100 million smackers.


HermitJim said...

My list is pretty easy! I'd start by giving everyone in my family a large chunk of cash each...and then tell them NOT to ever ask for a loan again!

Pay off all my Mom's bills and her house! Let her travel if that's what she wants to do...

Build me a nice little cabin with plenty of solar and some wind generators, maybe a tractor for the garden.

The rest? I'd give it to you to deal with! You could handle it so much better and wiser than I! Of course, you would have to check in on this old man from time to time, ya know?

cinner said...

My list would be to pay off all debt, give to friends and family, go to the Mayo Clinic in the States,build a better house, the rest would be to help other charities, but I would invest so as to never worry about money again. I would move somewhere to the country. get out of the fast pace of city life. Thanks for making me think. take care.

Momlady said...

Keep your hopes up. Who knows, someday you just might make it. I 'preciate you wanting to take care of me. It's nice to know. Luv you!

Vodka Mom said...

you already KNOW that you're an angel, right?

And I'm with you. My first thought is always, "Who can I give this to?"


Kyddryn said...

Lol...Mister Hermit, sir...you're too sweet!!

Cinner, thanks for coming buy and weiging in. I love the simple country life, and think that's a fine dream...

Silly Mum...turn about is fair play...

Mizz Vodka Mom, you're too kind! It takes one to know one...

Rob Houston said...

I know exactly what I'd do:

1. Pay off my best friend's mortgage, set him up with a respectable vehicle, and make sure his kids (my god children) never need worry about a college education.

2. Pay off the mortgages of my coven mates, make make sure they they are all on better financial footing, and take them on all on a much needed vacation.

3. Find a house and land for my friends Wolf and Lisa, so that we can set up a HOF for the heathen community (that would be run and maintained by the heathen community, and run daily by Wolf and Lisa).

4. Find a house and some land for myself, my fiance and the kids. New vehicles for the both of us, college funds for the kids.

5. Donate to various cancer research foundations.

6. Invest some money into a great pagan band based out of Ga.

7. Spend as much time as I can with the people I have mentioned above and take pride in having the ability to make sure they're all comfortable.

Susan said...

This is proof that you totally and completely deserve to win the lottery. Gorgeous.