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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You're So Vain...

...I bet you think this blog is about you...

Well...it could be. But...nah. Not this time. I was over at Foolery's little corner of Blogopolis and took the little narcissism quiz she'd taken and below are my results. I guess even I don't think it's all about me!

Your score is
Maximum is 40. Average for Americans is 15. Highest tested celebrity is Robin Quivers, with 34.

Your score for Authority is LOW
Your score for Self-sufficiency is MEDIUM
Your score for Superiority is LOW
Your score for Exhibitionism is LOW
Your score for Exploitativeness is LOW
Your score for Vanity is LOW
Your score for Entitlement is LOW

Robin Quivers is, I believe, one of the people on the Howard Stern radio show...although I could be very wrong. Yes, I know I could Google search it...but I'm too lazy. If there was a laziness quiz I wouldn't even have a score because I'd be too lazy to take it.

I did take this quiz again because some of the answers could have gone both ways, and wound up with a 2, scoring low in every category. What I am wondering is, does having a blog negate/alter any of that? I mean...isn't the very nature of a blog an invitation for others to make one the center of attention, if only for as long as it takes to read and maybe comment on a post? Eh, whatever.

So, go, see how you do and share the fun!


Momlady said...

My score was 12.
Authority - Medium
Self-sufficiency - Medium
Superiority - Medium
Exhibitionism - Low
Expoitativeness - Low
Vanity - Low
Entitlement - Low

Not that it really means anything. Like you said, some of the questions could be answered differently.

cinner said...

You know who makes up these questionaires, thats what I would like to know. Take care, just keep being you.

Kyddryn said...

You know, Mum...I can totally see that! You's scary and stern and stuff!

Mizz Cinner, I often wonder who makes these things up and how they figure out what it all means...and then I let it go because all that wondering makes my brain hurt. Honestly...I bet they have slips of paper in a mayonnaise jar...