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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Camouflage Is So You Can't See Me When I'm Not So Stealthy

Yesterday, Mum, Bird, and me meandered over to Party City (FTC dudes, relax, Party City doesn't even know I exist, not even as a customer, because Mum paid for everything and I'm not reviewing Mum, here, just mentioning where we went) and perused the costume selection. Mum is taking part in a spelling bee/charity thing which involves leggings, fairy wings, and foolery of the highest order.

Bird, on the other hand, was interested in some sort of Halloween costume. In prior years, he's dressed in whatever I made/procured for him with minimal input on his part. This year, he professed interest in dressing as a bat. A bat was the only thing that would do. Not the baseball sort, either - he wanted to be the kind of bat that we've seen fluttering around our home on summer evenings. This was beyond my ability to sew, glue, staple or tape...at least in two weeks or even a month. OK, fine, so we'll go look at a costume place and hope for the best.

At Party City, there were certainly costumes. All kinds of costumes. Every cartoon character, major motion picture hero, villain, and comic sidekick imaginable. Animals, plants, and aliens galore. The little dude didn't know where to look first, and spun from one thing to the next like a mote of dust bouncing madly through a beam of light.

The he saw it. Awesome! There was the costume...the perfect one.

Only...it wasn't a bat. It wasn't even Batman. Nope.

For some reason, he suddenly had to be a Ninja. A camouflaged one, at that. As soon as we got home, he had to put it on...and once it was off, he wanted to put it on again and wear it around the house.
I have no idea what goes on in little boys' heads, really...but since it was one of the few costumes that was not only in his size but also still available and one sale for less than ten bucks...score!!
The real trick will be keeping the thing in one piece until it's actually time to wear it for its purpose...garnering gobs of candy from strangers so he can bounce off the walls like a mote of dust in a beam of light - for days on end.
Now if you'll excuse me (and even if you won't), I have to cut stars our of cardboard, cover them with foil, and pray that he doesn't put somebody's eye out with those things.


Momlady said...

"Yesterday, Mum, Bird and me meandered...." Where's your grammar? I know you were probably in a hurry but..(just teasing, kiddo). The costume looks great!

Kyddryn said...

Umm...I reserve the right to NOT be grammatically correct after One in the morning. Oh, look...I posted at One-oh-five. Huh. ;-)

He loves the costume...wants to wear it everywhere, all day long. As soon as I can, I'm going to put it where he can't see it...after Samhain, he can wear it to his heart's content. Thanks again!!