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Tibi gratias agimus quod nihil fumas.

It says "...freedom of...", not "...freedom from...".

Nolite te bastardes carburundorum!

"It's amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral self-righteous bullying laziness. People need to be fed, medicated, educated, clothed, and sheltered, and if we're compassionate we'll help them, but you get no moral credit for forcing other people to do what you think is right. There is great joy in helping people, but no joy in doing it at gunpoint." - Penn Jillette

Monday, October 5, 2009

I Wonder...

Does steel wool come from really tough sheep?

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

What do chickens say things taste just like?

Do drunk moths fly in straight lines?

What keeps you wondering at night?


darsden said...

LOL too funny... I wonder about how to make that dollar stretch for all I need! I wonder about "our world" we live in and the people. I wonder now why you are so worried about Sheep, and wonder should I too :-)

Holly said...

What keeps me wondering at night is that there is a mind like yours out there in the world with me...and I can't wait to see what it dreams up next!

Kyddryn said...

Mizz Darsden, I too am on the search for the elusive stretchy dollar. If I find a herd of them, I'll let you know. Meanwhile...sheep are worrisome creatures. They're inherently evil. Oh, they'd like you to think they're all fluffy and cute and innocent...but behind that wool they're plotting to overthrow the world. That's why we have to keep them shorn...it's the only way to stop them.

Mizz Holly, you are too kind...and I often wonder what you'll come up with next, too!