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Friday, October 2, 2009

Serge(r) of Love (With Bonus Video of Epic Absurdity) and Some Verbal Awesomeness

The Evil Genius knows I love to sew. He also knows that my serger broke last month during my marathon of stitchy goodness before Dragon Con. I had threading and tensioner issues, and then a needle broke, so I had to go use a friend's serger to get the job done.

Little dude knew I was bummed about it, because I can't afford to buy a new needle, and so my serger sits gathering dust.

He decided to do something about it.

He fished around in his Legos and found the right parts and...
...he built me not one, but two sergers! The second one (with the green base) was in case the first one broke.

I've been informed that, should they both break, he will repair them for me so that I can still sew.

Dear Goddess, I love that boy.
And now for something completely ridiculous..and maybe a wee absurd.

The Evil Genius may or may not play the SNES on occasion. He may or may not play Final Fantasy II once in a great while. Ahem.

Lately, he may or may not have been heard humming something around the house when he's playing with his stuffed animals, race cars, or anything else that has his full attention. That something? This:

Yes. Yes, my son knows the Chocobo theme, and can sing it spot on.

Perhaps we need some more quality time up a tree.
We were on the road, headed for Borders and our usual Thursday meeting. Little Dude was with me because Daddy couldn't keep him. I saw the moon floating high in the blue sky and greeted her "Hello, beautiful Moon".
"Where's the moon??"
"Hang on little dude, she's behind the trees...there she is..."
"Oh, I see her!"
"Isn't she beautiful?"
"Yes, she is...but you're still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Good grief.


Momlady said...

Isn't it nice he knows true beauty?

♥ Braja said...

You said Borders. To a girl in a village. In India. Damn.

Laughing still at your comment on Susan's post :)))))

HermitJim said...

Funny how the little ones know how to push all the right buttons without even thinking about it, isn't it?

Very nice and touching post, my friend!

Susan said...

What an incredible young human you're raising! One day he will write brilliant comments on people's posts and they will appreciate it so greatly they'll credit his mom. You both rock!