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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Things said at Casa de Crazy yesterday:

Me, while discussing someone who hasn't bathed in more than a month: "Seriously?? My skin would crawl off my body and bathe in the toilet!!"

Bird, while we were playing one of his convoluted, odd little games: "Why can't I be strange on a regular diet?"
Sometimes anger frightens me. Not because I fear I'll come to harm, or that the anger will be directed at me, or that I'll suffer for it. I worry that people will let their anger hold sway and bring them to harm. Sometimes I fear my own anger, that it will overwhelm me and drive me to say or do things that aren't real except in that moment of anger.

I bought a half-gallon of milk today. Big deal, right? I used to have to buy a gallon a week...now, a half gallon will last two. Some changes are really very small, but it stopped me in my tracks for a moment.
More than a week later, my toe still hurts, but the bruising is finally fading. Several people asked me how I broke it. I need a good story...like I was rescuing a baby from a burning building and broke my toe when I crashed through a steel door with the infant in my arms, or saved a busload of nuns from crashing into a bridge abutment by steering with my foot while wrestling with a nun-hating extremist, breaking the toe when I wrenched the wheel to the left in an evasive maneuver beyond even Hollywood's ability to recreate, because admitting I broke the dang thing running for the phone and kicking a suitcase just doesn't sound very glamorous. I need some glamor, people.
I'm not sleeping...again. My head won't leave me alone. No, not voices...just...doubts. Old pain, resurfacing. Old fears, paddling about in the memory pool. I don't have nightmares. I know my dreams are dreams. But they can still be rotten.
I'm taking the Evil Genius to the Greek Festival tomorrow afternoon (or would that really be later today??)(Saturday, then), with friends. We could use getting out of the house and being distracted. Maybe I'll get some good pictures...or maybe I'll leave the camera at home and actually participate in the day instead of distancing myself from it.

What's on your mind?


Momlady said...

The video was hilarious! Thank you for the laugh. As to one of the other comments....I hope he bathes before sleeping in my bed.

Not The Rockefellers said...

It's funny that you mentioned that about the camera because I was just saying the same thing...

I can't enjoy the moment because I'm capturing it...

little stupid huh?

Peace - Rene

And I have been sleeping awful too..

Anonymous said...

What's on my mind? How much time and space do we have?

Kyddryn said...

Yes, Mum, while you were lazing about in the control tower, we were busting our buns testing the inflation limits of latex gloves.

Mizz Rene, sometimes I make the conscious choice NOT to take photographs because I KNOW the camera is a way for me to hide...and sometimes I need to be part of the moment, not simply documenting it. I'm sorry you're sleeping poorly. I know what will help me sleep better...but I'll just have to wait a while for that. I hope your sleep improves!

Fergie, I have all the time and space you need, sugar - let 'er rip!