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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Course, There's a Broom

How else am I supposed to get around Atlanta traffic? Not that I drive much in Atlanta traffic if I can help it. I try to avoid going that far south of Redneck Central, really...the world is just a better place when I'm not mucking through that mess.

I have a number of brooms here at Casa de Crazy. Several of them are of the practical sort, used to sweep floors and occasional cobwebs from the corners. I like sweeping...there's something Zen about it, and I prefer a broom to a vacuum or other power-driven apparatus.

I also have some brooms that look purely decorative, but they're working things, too. Just not in a mundane way.

Hey, I'm a Witch, whadaya expect??

There's the broom that hangs just inside the front door. That one's part of the house ward. It hangs by the door to help keep out bad things/people, and it doubles as the broom couples step over when I perform handfastings/marriages. I use it to "sweep" the circle clean, too.

Then there 's the broom that hangs outside the front door. It's the one the feral kitties were plying with/on earlier this year. It's smaller, and is meant to be a part of the whole house shui, adding to the general blessing of the place. I like doing house blessings, like feeling like I've made my home (or someone else's) secure in a spiritual sense as well as a physical sense. Well, you knew I was odd...

A few days ago, I hung this one up:

It's a blessing, too...for prosperity, health, and happiness in the coming Fall/Winter, the lean times. The broom itself it a bundle of twigs, scented with cinnamon oil, birch for growth and positive change, cinnamon for a warm house, a home.

The corn and wheat are symbols of abundance, of prosperity.

I know health, abundance, prosperity, and happiness don't just...happen...

I know I have to help them along by, you know, working at them...

But it doesn't hurt to have something to look at and remind me what I hope for, what I'm working toward...
Plus, I think it looks nice...

1 comment:

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

That is a beautiful arrangement/broom.

You are TOO creative! Come do my house!