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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I asked the Evil Genius to do some writing yesterday. He needs the practice - his printing looks like an axe-murderers scrawl. He resisted at first. He doesn't like doing workbooks, because once he's written in them...they're done. He like to write on "clear" paper. Not blank. Clear.

He decided he would draw a picture for his father.

First, he drew a picture of himself and T, holding hands. In one corner, he put "By Bird".

Then he wanted me to tell him what to draw on the other side. He likes to draw on both sides of the paper. I don't know why. Makes it hard to display all his art, but it does save paper. Hoping to get him to write a bit, I encouraged him to write "I love Daddy". He drew a small "i", a heart, and "DADE". Too much Wall-E, I guess. Then he wanted to draw a picture to go with it. He decided he would draw his family.

He drew each of us in our favorite colors.
First, of course, himself. Then his dad (complete with facial hair). Then M, his dad's erstwhile girlfriend. Then J, her son. Then me. Then Mum. Then Little Man. Then Noodle. Then J (our roommate, T's best friend). he wanted to draw Someone, too, but there wasn't room. I figured that was OK...I don't really think T cares to have a picture of Someone, anyway, not even an artist's rendering.

We are all holding hands, and these are the people he considers his family.

Sometimes, my son astonishes me to stillness...the way he thinks, the fact that he isn't bound by traditional definitions but instead sees the people he loves...all of them...as his family. He knows these people love him, even if some of us don't know each other very well...we're connected through him, and in his mind, that's enough.


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Heidi said...

That's a wonderful drawing of a great family. I guess evil genius has a lot of people who love him.

HermitJim said...

You just have to love the mind of a child! Makes things so much simpler, ya know?