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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's quiet around here without the Evil Genius. We're about halfway through his eleven day stay with his dad. I miss him, but I know he's having a blast. I'll see him Friday, and then bring him home Monday. Meanwhile, we're having some decompression days at Casa de Crazy.
We went in search of bolts for the crib yesterday - while Someone's sister was good enough to let us have one of her old ones, she and her husband sort of forgot to send along the bolts. Whoopsie. They found four and shipped 'em, and we went in search of four more that would match. Started at Lowe's. Never. Again. Ace is definitely the place. At Lowe's, there we NO cashiers, three people working (for "working" read "sitting on their arses ignoring customers) at customer service, and no one offered to help us (not that we needed much - two grown adults can certainly peruse the bevvy of bolts without a native guide, but a little assistance is narrowing down the bewildering selection would have saved some time and irritation). At Ace, we were greeted when we walked in the door, and an associate stopped what he was doing to escort us to the bolts, sized our two samples for us, then searched the drawers until he found the closest matches. The whole time, he was friendly and sincere, a most affable fellow. The bolts at Ace were far and away less expensive, too.

Hey, Lowe's? Customer service should be your foundation. Think about it.
A friend sent us a baby gift, bless his heart - shout out to Rob, who's coming to visit in April. Thank, sweetie!!
I wrote about my friend Lo passing away after Thanksgiving. His dear wife, J, recently sent us a package, something to remember him by. He collected bears - she sent us two soft, cuddly, stuffed bears for the kids and a figurine of a Mama/Papa with two cubs as well. One bear now resides in Sprout's room, one sits on the couch with me until the Evil Genius gets home and can find a special place for it, and the figurine is on the altar. J sent bears all over the country...what a wonderful way to remember a friend, and to feel that he's still part of our lives, watching over us.

Dear Lo, ever the Guardian...
Also counted among the more...ahem...festive experiences yesterday...standing in the returns line at the Evil Empire. Who thought it was a good idea, on the week after a holiday, to have ONE person at customer service? Hey, Evil Empire? You should go ask Lowe's how customers feel about that. I'd tell you to ask their customers, but we're over at Ace.
I'm itching to take down the outdoor lights and our sweet little tree...but am waiting until the Little Dude gets home so he can help - when I told him I might do it while he was gone, he seemed a little sad.
I need to check on my extravagant purchase of a few nights ago - I bought two lottery tickets. Yep, Spend McSpenderson, that's me. If you here shrieks of delight echoing through the aether, you'll know I've won. Don't hold your breath. Seems every time I buy a ticket, someone else wins. I think all those winners owe me...
I'm starting up the query letter process again. Hold me.
What's up in your world?


HermitJim said...

Good luck on the lottery! I'll bet the quiet around there is driving you crazy-er...right?

Have a great day!

Rob Houston said...

I'm sl glad I had the chance to help out! I still need to send your yule presents out, but the last piece hasn't come in yet :(

TY for being willing to open home up to me :)