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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deja Lumiere

Yesterday was a prickly sort of day. It started late and slow and doing anything felt like moving through corn syrup - sticky, resisting, , requiring greater effort for less effect.

Up came the boxes of lights, home decorations, and ornaments.

Slowly around the tree I went with the lights.

Turned 'em on.


No good.

Didn't have time to fix 'em, though - we had a cookie swap to get to.

I would like to know how I brought two batches of cookies, maybe four pound or so, and left with enough cookies to require assistance getting them into the house? Like a forklift...

Oh, well - the mail carrier, bank ladies, and doctor's offices will all have a cookielicious week, for sure.

Meanwhile, today Someone is going to help me de-light the tree and do it again, this time making sure it doesn't look like someone put them on during a seizure.

Someday I really will wad them up, throw them at the tree, and call it a day.


HermitJim said...

Just don't try and overdo it, kiddo! Those lights will get put up to where they will look just fine!

Don't worry about things so much! Relax and enjoy some quiet time!

Susan said...

I really really really want to make an inappropriate joke about delighting the tree with a stump or something but it just won't come to me. Glad to read in today's post that things are better...