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Monday, December 13, 2010

One, Two, Tree

It was cold, grey, and even a touch snowy yesterday - perfect weather for tarting up a yule tree.

Someone helped me re-hang the lights, and it went much better than Saturday's sad effort - really, you never know how terribly wrong lights can go, do you??

T was coming to get the Evil Genius, but not until late afternoon/early evening, so we went ahead and hung ornaments as well. All three of us had a lovely time, and although I chose to leave about half the ornaments boxed, the tree is loaded with shiny, funny, nostalgic baubles.

I'll have pics up eventually...as soon as I manage to take some that aren't over-exposed or blurry and dark. Sigh.

How was your Sunday?

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Momlady said...

It was a dark and snowy night. The roads were pure ice. But I made it to Deb's! Was cautious on the way home but they had sanded the roads.