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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hey, A Gal Can Dream

Happy Cristmahannukwanzika, y'all!

A little meandering of the mind for today...

I recently wondered on Facebook if Santa would pay my power bill, seeing as how he never did give me that pony I wanted as a child. I'm not holding my breath.

Also in the not-holding-breath category? Lottery wins.

Still...I will while away a minute or three mentally spending the lottery winnings.

Here's my latest lottery wish list:

Buy Mum's neighbor's land. It's around seven acres, has a house and barn, water, power, and is adjacent to Mum's place. Bonus because it'd be helping out the owner (who would like to unload the property) AND give us more acreage for farming.

Build dream home at Mum's, complete with geo-thermal, solar power, wind generators, rainwater and greywater collection systems, and a few other details we daydream about when we're all together and wistfully looking at the future we'd like to have. Use Mum's cabin as guest space and the house on the other property as a work/commercial space for baking, canning, storage, or whatever else we get up to.

Build greenhouses. At least two. Who wouldn't want fresh strawberries in February?? Also, while the local deer have found ways to thwart most other deer-deterrents, they haven't figured out how to pass through walls yet.

Tools and equipment for running a small farm/large garden.

Trust fund for future generations (not that I'd ever tell 'em about it - that shit ruins a kid...I speak from experience, here)(not that I have a trust fund...but...eh, never mind, long story for another time).

Keep enough fundage to be certain we can pay bills, taxes, and various expenses for life.

Whatever's left after that? I'd give it away. Yep, I would. Once I know me and mine are set, what else do I need? Why hang on to money just for its own sake? I know, some folks think wealth for the sake of wealth is much to be desired...but I figure it's pointless, and doesn't do much for one's character or well being...and can sometimes lead to trouble. So...as long as we have enough and a bit extra for just-in-case, I see no reason to hang on to dead weight.

Don't' get me wrong - I define "enough and a bit more" as having a healthy lot to blow on vacations and playthings...just not to the extent you see some folks go. I neither want nor need a gem encrusted monopoly game, nor golden toothpicks and dinner wear. I like my Astro van just fine, and I prefer denim to fancier stuffs.

So - how could I give it away?


Last night, Someone and I were chatting about that and hit upon a few ideas.

Of course, there's always extended family...and we'd want to make sure that at least the children had some small security for their futures.

Then there are friends...and helping 'em keep their homes, cars, or businesses sure sounds fine to me.

Around here, there are folks who have babies but can't afford a car seat or other necessities - the local hospitals try to help, and so could we. I can see anonymously paying a utility bill or three, too.

We could start a soup kitchen.

There are scholarships. I would want to set one up that didn't take race or gender into account, but rather simply merit and need.

We touched on a few other thoughts, but those were the mains.

I know I've asked you this before, but tell me again - what'd you do with a lottery win??


HermitJim said...

Take good care that my family was set...then get a place in the woods where I could spend my last days in peace!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, my dear friend!

Thanks for the goodies!

Gypsy Guru said...

I dunno what I'd do with Lotto winnings (assuming I ever played) but I'll pitch in in your soup kitchen, if you had a spare ladle.