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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whirling Dervish

Yesterday - bake and frost pumpkin cupcakes, clean dining room, consider laundry, sweeping, and ironing the tablecloth for Thursday but reject those ideas as time consuming and requiring effort. Go pick up Evil Genius, take him and cupcakes to friend's house, let boys play for a while, head home loaded down with hand-me-down goodness from friend's. Consider making turnips and carrots, reject as requiring me to get off the couch.

Today so far - doctor's appointment (specialist says baby is now square in average range of size, fluid still on the low side of average but still a happy number, Sprout will be permitted to come out when she's ready...unless he stays in there long enough to order furniture, and then we're evicting her), quick stop at the grocery store for drugs (drugs're good, m'kay??) and cat food, plus a sudden mandatory eggnog grab (thanks a lot, C, for planting that idea...dang it, I wanted eggnog all freakin' night long!!). Considered popping in to the liquor store but decided to come home and see if such a supply run was needed. Fed Evil Genius breakfast (uh-oh, he saw the Frosted Flakes). Emptied dishwasher, filled it with things I'll need to make dirty again so I can bake the keylime pie later. Peeled and began cooking turnips and carrots.

Still to come today - run one more errand, come home, mash turnips and carrots, chop onion and celery for tomorrow's dressing, keylime pie, pre-steam green beans so tomorrow they just need sauteing in garlic and butter, and fix dinner (pork steaks, rice, pan gravy, and fried okra). Considering sweeping and mopping the floors, but maybe I can convince Mum and Someone's mom to admire the textured ceiling and its newly cobweb-free state...maybe they won't notice the floors, especially if I tell 'me to keep their shoes on. Given the rate of cat hork around here it shouldn't take much convincing. Someone's Mum will also be arriving today, and I need to go down to the guest room and remove the cat food and water dishes and blanket from Rook's convalescence and make sure the bed is decent...and then...then I think I'll take a nap until next week. The turkey will cook itself, right??

What're you up to today?
If you're traveling, I hope it's an easy journey with no delays, TSA hassles, or rude motorists, and that you reach your destination safely and with a modicum of good cheer.

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