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Friday, November 19, 2010

Is It Friday Already??

Holy carp, how did this happen? It's Friday!

I don't know where this week went, but it went there without me.

Not much of note going on here at Casa de Crazy -I should have been cleaning house in preparation for the upcoming holiday, but I haven't been. Instead, I've been jaunting about town doing this and that, running errands, and spending Someone's hard-earned dosh on baby clothes.

Yep. Poor man, he made the mistake of giving his pregnant girlfriend a handful of cash and saying it was for the baby. I warned him I would spend it...I mean really...I'm a girl, I'm knocked up, I'm hormonal, and the consignment shops were singing their Siren songs...

Honestly, I was just teasing...I didn't actually mean to spend all of it. That just sort of...happened...but good grief, have you ever been into a children's clothing consignment store? All those sweet, wee, ruffled things with ribbons and bows. I think they play subliminal messages in there.

All I can say is, I lost my head a bit...and K helped. Hey, one should always have a wing-woman on these kinds of excursions.

I showed Someone my finds when I got home, and he seemed pleased with the purchases, so I guess I get to live this time.

Last night at Borders, he scored a Dr. Seuss collection, six stories in one book. Sweet! While Bird has plenty of books he could share or hand down, I really want Sprout to have a few that are all her own. If you were a hand-me-down kid, you'll understand...and oddly, it's the same sentiment that drives my desire not to have her during the holidays - her birthday should be hers, and not lumped in with a bunch of other hustle and bustle. Being a holiday baby sucks.

Today, I have more errands to run, and we are going to clear enough space in the garage to get Rosie the Mule my beloved Astro van) in out of the weather. It's much nicer getting in and out without wrestling the elements, dontcha think?

Most of what needs moving is stuff from our Summer camping/gathering season that just didn't get back into the trailer. Cue the Tetris music - packing bins and whatnot back into the trailer sometimes feels like a puzzle game where we need to make all the pieces fit just so or they'll fall on my head whenever I open the door. Hey, it's happened...many times...ow...

With any luck, I will be able to order Bird's gift from the Holly King, too...I'm hoping to have it shipped to Mum's house so we don't have to haul it up there in secret. Once he's asleep on Yule eve, we'll do any assembling required, so when he gets up it'll be under the tree and ready to play with. It's an extravagance...and I have to admit, while I'll be sad when he finally decides he doesn't believe in the Holly King any more, I'll be kind of glad that I'll finally get some credit for giving him something he's really been wanting.

Funny of the moment: Bird just said he didn't want to be a Capricorn, he wants to be an Aquarium. Hah!

OK...now that I have cured your insomnia...I really need to get a move on the day...whee...

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Cygnus MacLlyr said...

first time I wake up with painted toenails, all bets are off. Mallory's Hole won't even compare... until then, ruffles away! ha!