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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rookery and Whatnot

An update on Rook - she's still not one-hundred percent, but I feel a little more optimistic about her well-being. Yesterday, I wondered if maybe part of the not-eating trouble was the food. The vet sent home some special canned food, which Rook didn't seem awfully interested in. I was reduced to mixing it with warm water and using a syringe to feed her.

Yesterday morning, she still wouldn't eat the wet food...so I medicated and fed her and got some water into her as best I could, then decided to try something - I came upstairs and grabbed some dry food.

She went after it like a hyena after a crippled wildebeest.

Well...maybe not so much, but she did eat some.

She also used the litter box, although I had to lift her into it again. Sigh. At least she was peeing.

Slightly heartened, I got the Evil Genius dressed and hauled him off to a photo shoot with the Man Dressed as Santa.

When we got home, I checked on her right away. Poor thing, she'd wet her blankie again, but she'd also eaten!

I got her cleaned up and put her in the litter box...and she pooped! Only a parent or pet owner will understand my joy at those three tiny little nuggets. Anyone else will be shaking their head right about now and wondering how far around the bend I've really gone.

I fed her some more of the wet mixture, and she ate more dry food, then jumped up on the bed and hung out with the Evil Genius for a few minutes - he's HER boy, and I think she's missed hanging out in his room with him. He came down to visit her while I fed her, and she seemed quite pleased.

Later, during another visit (I go down every two hours or so to check on her and keep her company for a bit. I also turn on the TV at night. It's on Animal Planet. Yeah, yeah...), she ate some more...and drank water from her dish! Until that point, all her water came through my efforts with the straw (used as a dropper) or the syringe.

If she eats, drinks, and uses the litter box on her own today, I'll let her back out into the rest of the house, which I think will be to the benefit of all - the other cats know something's not right, I miss her slight weight parading across me at night, and the kid misses her stepping on his head in the morning. Of course, we still don't know what's wrong...and may never know, as the kind of testing that could tell us costs an arm, a leg, and a kidney...but I'm hoping that she will fully recover and won't have a relapse when the medication is finished.

Meanwhile, we're heading off to the jungle...or at least, to Chuck-E-Cheese's to meet some friends for a few hours of slightly contained mayhem. Someone has a long day ahead of him - finish out the Faire then pack out, driving home tomorrow. It seems like he's been gone forever, and I will be very glad to have him home again! Sprout misses him, too - I would swear that she knows he's not here, and when he calls (several times a day), she gets extra wriggly.

What're you up to today?


Momlady said...

Don't you mean would cost ME and arm, leg and kidney? :) Glad to hear she seems to be doing better. Sounds like it if she was able to jump up on the bed.

Susan said...

I think Ms. Rook is simply preparing you for getting up every two hours...best wishes for a full recovery!

SciFiChick said...

It sounds like the furbaby is on the mend. There is something special to be said about your head being stepped on first thing in the morning!