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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because I'm Just a Wee Busy

Whew. Went and picked Someone up on Monday evening. Got home, did two loads of laundry.

Tuesday, Little Dude was with his dad. They went to see Megamind - Little Dude thought it was awesome. I know because he won't tell me anything about it. Yeah, yeah, but at least he comes by his weirdness honestly. Sister-Out-Law took him shopping for a new winter coat - I have a light one for him, but she found him a nice heavy one for the handful of weeks when it actually gets cold here in Redneck Central. Little Dudeless, Someone and I wound up spending the day on the road running errands. So much for the quiet day at home we were hoping for. Oh, well...we got some tings done that needed doing, and we weren't rushed about it so it was actually something of a nice day.

Today, doctor's appointment (we have officially achieved average, with a weight of about 2 1/2 pounds, give or take) and grocery store, home for a little more laundry and packing, then turn around and drop Someone off at PJ's for one last trip, this time to another Ren Fest. I will probably finish the baby's quilt while he's away.

Tomorrow, I was supposed to meet my friend K for lunch, but we postponed until next week when I can maybe arrange childcare for Little Dude (he's being too sweet to be called Evil Genius, right now) so we can have a grown-ups kind of time. Instead, I will be baking banana bread and pumpkin cupcakes for the new art co-op opening/brunch - the gallery is closing soon, and the co-op is our new artsy home.

Speaking of which - if I can ever get the link to work (right now it just takes me to a blank page, which is not at all useful, but we seem to be having some Internet issues here at Casa de Crazy right now)(oh, right, like that's a surprise) it would be awesome if you'd go check it out and help drive out stat-count up. If I ever get it to work, that is. Sigh.

Friday I'm thinking I'll haul Little Dude and myself up to Mum's. We have a Saturday photo-shoot with the Man Dressed As Santa not too far from her place, and it'll be nice to spend the night hanging out in the hills.

Saturday, photos with the big fella, then home again.

Sunday, I plan to sleep. All day. Really. There are Lunchables in the fridge (what, they're nutritious...all the sodium you need for the week in one convenient package!) and Little Dude can fetch his own beverages, so I figure I can get away with catching up on some sleep. Or, more likely, doing some house cleaning in anticipation of Thanksgiving, sine THAT week I'll be cooking a little every day to get ahead of the game.

Monday, run and get Someone from PJ's. Tuesday and Wednesday, doctor's appointments. Thursday, groceries and (I hope) a date with my friend K.

What're you up to these days?


HermitJim said...

Sounds like you're gonna be a tad busy, that's for sure!

Just remember to take plenty of time to rest!

Wild Cakes said...

Busy, busy!

Any chance you'd be willing to share that pumpkin cupcake recipe? I've been craving all things pumpkin lately!