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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's not even noon and I'm ready for a nap!

I had an early morning appointment with the specialist - nothing to worry about, they just didn't have my usual time available this week.

Yesterday I signed papers for voluntary sterilization after the baby's born...a fancy-schmancy way of saying I'm gettin' my knitting knotted. I also chatted with the OB about delivery dates...but he said that would really be the specialist's call.

So today, I asked the perinatologist about delivery dates, telling him my preference that Sprout not make an appearance before January 21. He asked my due date - January 24. When I told him that, he grinned and asked if he could give my phone number to his other patients! It seems many of the women who see him want to have earlier deliveries, not later (carrying to term is uncomfortable, and these days more women are just as happy to have c-section rather than wait it out)...and I have just become one of his favorite women because I would carry longer if I could (I know it's silly, but I always wanted a February baby...)!

I was delighted to learn that, as things stand, we will not have to have an early baby. Woo-hoo!! Fluid is up...still on the low side of normal, but within the normal range, and the baby's size is still average.

She's a wriggly thing - yesterday she actually punched the Doppler wand. She doesn't like being pressed in there. The nurse and I both laughed...we heard the punch on the monitor. I have a wee boxer on my hands.

After the doctor's office, I popped by the grocery store and did the shopping for next week - I prefer getting it done earlier rather than later. I managed to score a nice, small turkey that hasn't been injected with brine (allegedly for flavoring and to keep the meat tender, but really I think it's to add weight)(also, I KNOW how to cook, I don't need some chemist mucking about with my poultry and making it fool-proof, thank you)! We do a small bird here - no need for pounds and pounds of leftovers, as I turn it into soup a day or two after Thanksgiving anyway. I got everything I need to have a busy few cooking days...the pantry's a little crowded, but I ain't complaining.

I'm tired, even though I haven't done much of anything today...staying up late and waking up early will do that to a body..so I'm going to take advantage of a few quiet-ish minutes and go take a snooze before the afternoon gets busy again.


HermitJim said...

Glad to hear that things are going good for you! My positive thoughts are always with you, but you know that!

Enjoy the upcoming holiday...

Cinner said...

Have a wonderful holiday weekened. Glad you got to do some shopping. take care. hugs.

Tulsa County Courthouse said...
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