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Monday, November 15, 2010

Aw, Dang, You Mean I Have To Cook?

Someone's coming home today! Squeeeee!!!


So next week is Thanksgiving, in case you just woke from a coma or have been living in a cave for the last little while.

I have been making my menu and the accompanying grocery tome list.

My usual "thing" is to set the dinner menu but to ask guests what they'd like for dessert. I will then make or buy that dessert depending on my culinary abilities.

Someone's mom is coming down, and we're tickled to have her visit again. Mum's delighted at the prospect of meeting her...uh...what do you call the mother of your daughter's baby-daddy? Whew...Emily Post needs to get right on that!

I was thinking about Thanksgiving traditions and thought I'd ask you...what food, drink, or activity makes the day for you? What is it that you can't do without on Thanksgiving??

And hey, because I know you're holding your collective breaths, I'm going to post the menu sometime later this week...


Susan said...

My dad smokes two turkeys for Thanksgiving. It is divine but he won't share the secret. He finally agreed to leave it with his funeral instructions in the top left drawer of the desk.

I pride myself on everything homemade, no cans or premade anything. But the only dressing/stuffing I like is from the box. I LOVE that stuff!!

Anxious to see your menu...can i use this idea for a post if I credit you and link to you??

Felinae said...

Looking forward to seeing the menu.

For me, it is not Thanksgiving without the turkey, candied yams or the stuffing. Those three things have got to be on the table. :D

Have a good day!