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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quiet Thursday

I meant to post some photos from Samhain earlier this week, but between sewing for PJ and getting Someone packed and ready to go with her to FPG, and a little drama from the power company thrown into the mix for fun, the week sort of slipped away. Yesterday was a day for running errands, doctor's appointment, and spending more money than I wanted (but nonetheless needed) to spend on winter clothing for the Evil Genius. Whew, they do grow, don't they??

Today we're having a day at home. Since I woke earlier than the lad, I went on downstairs and worked on the baby's quilt. I may get the top finished later tonight or tomorrow! We'll go to Borders tonight for our usual Thursday thing...I miss Someone when he isn't here, and it helps to keep busy.

On with the pics, eh??

I made a crockpot roast for dinner:

And of course, pumpkin spice cake with vanilla spice buttercream frosting:

I'm a fiend for roasted pumpkin seeds...can't get enough of 'em. Luckily, we had a few:

Here are the punkins:

Someone carved a small swan for the baby:

I decided to forgo the fancy stuff and go with an old-fashioned grinner to frighten away evil spirits:

Mum liked the ghost...it turned out nicely:

Someone also did this creepy, crawly 'rachnid:

T brought Bird home a bit later in the evening, but there was still time for the lad to draw his own design. T helped him carve it out:
We had a peaceful night of it on Sunday - only a small handful of trick-or-treaters came by, so we listened to music, watched baseball, and eventually did our dumb supper. While I missed having my whole gang here, it was nice to have the quiet, too.
How was your Samhain/Halloween?


Jozet at Halushki said...

I LOVE those pumpkins! Holy smokes, those are great!

And I love pumpkin seeds, but I couldn't face the slime this year. Now I'm regretting it.

Kit said...

We missed you, too! Halloween morning we woke cozy in our tent after Littleman's birthday celebration the night before. We enjoyed the morning with friends, then spent the afternoon cleaning up. Rushed home, everyone threw on their costumes, and we went to a friend's for dinner and trick-or-treating. Littleman was Sonic the Hedgehog, The Pirate was Super Mario, and Babyman was a frog. I was a ladybug. Billy was a werewolf, but it wasn't a full moon so you couldn't tell. ;) My book club had planned to watch "Frankenstein" but we never got around to it. It was a fun day!