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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


...Marjory Daw...

Up, down.

Up, down.

Up, down.

Tiring, sometimes. A nice, even keel wouldn't go amiss around here. Really, it wouldn't.

Up...my power bill has rather mysteriously been paid. I tried to find out by whom, but to no avail. I only know that someone, somewhere, has managed to pay my rather enormous back bill. If it was you, thank you. It's inadequate, "thank you", but it's all I have at the moment.

Down...the specialist and the midwife have made it clear that we may have to have this baby early, as she's on the small side and that may mean that she's not getting enough nutrients or there's some other trouble. If she stops growing, or slows her growth enough, out she comes. They are simply trying to prepare me, but at 25 weeks, the idea is horrifying.

Up...the baby may be small, but she's perfectly well formed- I've seen her heart beating away tickety-boo, seen her wee kidneys, wondered at her brain and images of her blood flow (there's blood flow to her brain, so a career in politics is right out), and today I actually saw her "breathing", pushing amniotic fluid in and out of her magnificent if minuscule (but perfectly formed) lungs. For all it's a pain in the buttocks, modern technology can be rather grand, too.

Down...I have to go back to the specialist every week for continued monitoring.

Up...Someone made it out of the house and on his way to Ohio this morning without too much delay, despite a wealth of things that had to be done at the last minute.

Down...the truck has died, leaving him stranded on the side of the road in the dark, in the back country of Ohio, close but not quite TO the campground he was trying to reach before nightfall. He has no cell service and had to knock on some poor woman's door to let her know he was broken down at her drive.

Up...the lady was kind enough to let him use her phone so he could call and let me know what had happened.

Down...he has to sleep in the truck until morning, and then (maybe) he can hike up to the campground and (maybe) call for roadside assistance info, and then (maybe) have someone drive him back to the truck to fetch his gear so he can (maybe) have the truck towed somewhere that it can be (one hopes) repaired without costing an arm, a leg, and a kidney. Making his stay in the truck even better, Someone forgot to pack pillows (don't laugh...sometimes it's the small things that bring the greatest comfort)(well, they would to ME, anyway).

Up...it may simply be a belt or a battery cable gone wrong.

Down...it's more likely to be the alternator.

Up...at least he'll be at the campground where he was trying to go, and one may hope he'll have a nice time despite this.

Down...I am a nervous wreck over this. Someone I love is hundreds of miles away, stranded, and perfectly capable of taking are of himself.,..but I'm not THERE and he's not HERE, and it's distressing to say the least, because I want to FIX it and I CAN'T. All I can do is sit here and wait for him to call when he can.

Up...whatever's wrong with the truck, it's fixable, and no one's hurt...and the people at the campground are good folks (some of them people I've known for a decade or more) and one of 'em may even be able to help fix the truck...or at the very least may know someone who can do the repair for minimum cost.

Down...if no one at the campground can help, we'll have to hope for a kind, honest repairman, because we don't know anyone locally to lend knowledge or a hand.

Up...Mum said she would drive up there with me and the Evil Genius if we had to go on a rescue run.

Down...doing so would mean missing the yard sale I've been helping to plan, and a workshop Mum and I are supposed to take together, and that I would not finish the sewing I'm committed to finish (and being paid to do) by Friday.

Up...Pepperidge Farm cakes were on sale at the market and I got two (a lemon one and a coconut one) for the price of one.

Down...the way things are going, I'll have eaten them by tomorrow morning, because I sure as Hell ain't gettin' any sleep tonight...


Susan said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with staying awake by cake while you're sitting vigil for a misplaced loved one...

Momlady said...

Hopefully we'll get this all taken care of today. Life sure is a bitch sometimes, ain't it!?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Up-- i had potatoes for breakfast today. Browned in BACON GREASE.

KS Pearl will keep them perplexed until she's a doctor herself.

Love you, flower...

[P.S: Retrospect is GREAT!!! HA!]

Kyddryn said...

Mizz Susan, thanks...it's always nice to have immoral support when it comes to cake eating...

Mum, you're a brick.

Swan...you didn't save any taters for me?? Pout... As for the Sprout, she'll be what she'll be...ours...

Magpie said...

hope that baby starts growing bigger faster.