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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oracular Gratification

T has Bird until tomorrow afternoon.

I'm spending part of today at Border's in Buford, telling fortunes. I may or may not make any money at it - I don't charge, but rather accept donations. While I'd like to make my (hah!) fortune at it, I usually make just enough to pay for a round of coffee.

My friend S will be with me. If we don't do anything else, we'll sit and gossip for a few hours.

Either way, should be fun.

Later, I'm going to drool over new cell phones and maybe replace my poor, broken, little blue sweetie. Now it's not only missing the flip-plate part, it doesn't ring when I receive a call...so unless I'm looking at it when it rings, I have no idea I'm missing anything.

The party never stops around here...

What're you up tot his weekend?

1 comment:

vlad said...

I am gratified, if less excited, to learn that oracular means of or pert to an oracle; or re an utterance or advice means enigmatic, hard to interpret.