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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walking the Faire

Today I am walking the Faire with my family. I will, for the most part, simply be a witness to the Evil Genius and his delight, consternation, frustration, and joy. He will, for the most part, shape our experience. We will miss shows because he won't want to sit through them. We will pass shops we'd like to enter because he won't want to go in and is bored with shopping. Someone, likely me, will sit on a bench and watch him play in the children's area because that's where he will want to be most of the time.

I will try not to mind, and I will enjoy my Mum's presence during this escapade. It's another memory to place in the hoard for the empty days when Mum is gone and Bird has flown to his own life.

I will somehow manage to present Mum with the gift I made her, perhaps even cleverly.

In the end, I hope to manage some new garb, a few bags of henna powder, and a camera full of photographs, some of which I may even share.

Happy Mother's Day to all who bear the nurturing spirit of a mother or The Mother within them.

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M said...

Happy Mother's Day :)
I hope you enjoy your day at the Faire.