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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Father Fill Me

One of the somewhat new songs the band has been performing is called "Father Fill Me", and it's a song for/about the God. I wrote it in '07 and we began singing it last year. It's got a pounding, driving beat and it's becoming one of my favorites.

Since I'm at an event celebrating Spring/Summer, times more dedicated to the sun, heat, passion, the God, I thought it appropriate to post it here this week.

Sorry I don't have audio for this - just the words...for now...

Father fill me with your light
Heat, and power, joy and wisdom
Father fill me with your light
Burn in me, burn in me

Stag in the wood, king of the forest
Powerful, proud and strong
Mighty lord, with horns crowned
Spirit thund’ring through the trees


Hawk in the sky, king on the wind
Keen eyed, swift, and sure
Graceful lord, feather crowned
Spirit soaring through the clouds


Phoenix in the fire, king of the flame
Flick’ring, flaring, and glowing
Smold’ring lord, with fire crowned
Spirit burning in the night


Salmon in the river, king of the water
Graceful, gentle, and wise
Shining lord, with scales crowned
Spirit glinting through the depths



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Well, now...
One of the occasions I know I have nothing to add...

Thanks, Kydd...

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Maybe one day I wil make it out to one of your groups performances so I can hear it live.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! You should most CERTAINLY get out to a live performance to hear this song. It DOES have a "driving" beat and fills you immediately with excitement too! My friends and I were among those who were privileged to enjoy it (along with MANY, MANY others!) at FPG a couple of weeks ago. Spiral Rhythm sooooo rocks!