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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Long Haul

This is a pre-written post, because today? Today I'm spending ten hours in a van with my family. More importantly, I am spending ten hours in a van with a bright, active, inquisitive, active, sweet, active six-year-old Evil Genius.

The words "good luck and god speed" don't begin to cover it.

Y'all know that I love my little dude to distraction, would face down a tiger or rhinoceros or IRS agent for him...but this is going to test my endurance.

Luckily, we have books - he reads on his own, although he likes me to read to him because I do voices - and we have art supplies for the car. There's also the Didj, which Leap Frog?? Genius!!! The kid loves his Didj...I just wish the thing had a car adapter so we didn't have to go through so may batteries on the go.

Mum bought a travel DVD player recently and she's bringing it along. Clever Mum.

I may survive, after all.

I'll post tonight if I can - I am hoping the motel had wifi or dial-up or smoke signals or something.


Caution Flag said...

Travelling mercies to you and yours.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


If he don't suffise, call me-- one eight hunnert "I FLY"...

luck and godspee.. uh..
With an Evil G-One aboard, mayhap a few more invocations...

**let cygnus see... hmm.. 'OHTER' winged-- bigger-than-heel wings ones...**

Slainte, friend...