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Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Does Her Garden Grow?

Not at all, to be honest.

I had the best of intentions - I was going to plant cucumbers, if nothing else, but Spring got away from me.

It's probably all for the best, though - with all the travelling I've been doing, the poor things wouldn't have stood a chance.

When spent the summers on Martha's Vineyard with Dad, Stepmum, and Stepmum's family, we had a huge garden. Well, her father did, anyway. I miss those days, but I had it easy - all I had to do was harvest veggies and remember to bring the compost over in the evening.

I would head down to the shore with a pig's foot and some string, fish up some blue crabs, dig 'taties from the garden, maybe cut some asparagus, gather salad greens, and dinner was on. It doesn't get any fresher than that, folks.

I believe in fresh, whole, as close to source as one can get foods. I believe in them...but I don't eat them as often as I could. Last year taught me one thing - I'm not ready for a full-on garden and its attendant issues yet, but I hope to be, soon.

There's something wonderful about growing one's own food. I don't know that I'll ever butcher my own meat again, but fruits and veg? I can do that...eventually.

How wonderful it would be to can my own jams and jellies, preserves, vegetables, relishes, see the jars lined up on shelves, glass pillars filled with beautiful jewels from the earth...

Oh, well...some day...


Susan said...

You know, you could have just gnawed on the pigs foot and saved yourself a walk.

I, too, have loved growing my own and eating for supper what I picked just hours before. If I did that now, I'd have to eat dandelions and poison ivy.

Kit said...

Well, I had BIG plans for my little veggie patch here at home, and time got away from me, too. I managed to get blueberry bushes in at the folks' house, but those won't be producing much for a couple years. Here at home I've got 3 tomato plants, a couple herbs, 2 eggplants, 1 onion and 2 sweet pepper plants growing well. Which is pretty good, but I have a pile of seed packets that never even got opened! ~sigh~

I am seriously thinking I will plant them anyway- it's just for fun, and the kids would like to. It might work out fine regardless!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

We used chicken necks, or wings, to crab in Matagorda Bay in days of my youth.

The veggies?-- I got a steam pressure canner; you teach me to butcher-- beyond the occasional rabbitt... maybe we can work some magic...

Susan-- ever had Dandelion Salad?

Slainte, Beautiful Flower...