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Friday, January 2, 2009


The Evil Genius turns six tomorrow. I am a glutton for punishment because I'm giving him even more Lego's and a pile of books for his birthday. One book is a paperback copy of one I had on my sixth birthday - A.A.Milne's Now We Are Six. I still have mine, a little worn from love and reading, and I hope he'll love his, too. He's also getting his first dictionary, a children's dictionary I scored for three bucks at a book sale!
Today, a day when T is gone for half the day, I need to: devil eggs, prepare crudites, bake a cake, make onion dip, slice and sugar strawberries, clean the kitchen, living room, hall bathroom, and dining room, dry, fold and put away Bird's laundry and run several loads of my own (I'm out of underwear, time to do laundry. I know you needed to know that, and I hate to deprive you), clean cat boxes, clean Bird's room, sweep the stairs, clean off the kitchen table, and collapse in a corner, a whimpering mess before noon.
How can a woman who is five feet, ten inches tall and eighty pounds larger than she oughta be feel overwhelmingly small and alone?
I saw the moon just after dusk, a thick slice of light high above me, Venus nearby. Diana's Bow, she used to be called when she looked that way, Venus the tip of her arrow, ready to fly. Lovely, she was, and I thought about my friend K who is out of state just now, and I though "I love you under this moon" and maybe she felt it. Why not?
I wrote over a thousand words tonight, no mean trick because I was chatting with Mum and told two people's fortunes while I was at it. A thousand words closer to done, whew.
Holy crap, my kid's turning six. Again I ask, how the hell did that happen?? I'm glad he still hugs, cuddles, clings tight to my arm and says "Oh, I love you so much Mommy I just don't ever want to let you go!"

I love you too, little dude...oy, oy, oy.


RachelW said...

Happy birthday, Evil Genius! May you scatter your lego with delight and read your books 'til the cows come home.
Love, auntie Rachel

Anonymous said...

We still have "When We Were Very Young" and "Now We Are Six" at home, published in the 1920s and completely falling apart. I'm 17, and I've been reading them over Christmas to my smallest cousins - I think maybe more for my enjoyment than theirs! It sounds like a superb present.

devilsivy said...

Oh-so happy birthday to you and birth day to your mother, dears!

devilsivy said...

Oh-so happy birthday to you and birth day to your mother, dears!

Kyddryn said...

Rachel, thanks - he actually had to give his new Lego rocket a hug and kiss goodnight...and so did I!

Raz, welcome - and that is beyond cool.

Ivy, thank you...it was loverly.