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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Foggy, Grey, Soggy Day

Yesterday the clouds were light, pale mounds of cotton batting rolled across the sky, hinting at snow. No promise, mind, just a hint - maybe, maybe not.

This morning, a heavier layer has stretched itself from one horizon to another, evening the batik white-and-grey to a more uniform pale-slate wash. No snow, but rain, more rain, welcome rain.

I wouldn't mind a bit of the fluffy stuff, falling lazily down and powdered-sugar-coating the land around our home. The Evil Genius has been obsessed with snow this Winter, constantly looking out the window and saying "Goddess, I wish you would make it snow". Every time the slightest bit of cloud passes over, he wonders aloud if it will ever snow.

Today we have mist, fog, rain, grey. Also cold (relative to location, of course - cold in Georgia is temperatures in the twenties, sometimes the teens, while cold in North Dakota could be unfathomable degrees below zero). I don't mind the cold. My heat pump does. It's struggling to keep our huge, boxy house warmed to my miserly temperature of sixty-five degrees. I refuse to turn it up any more than that - the bills would send me through the roof.

I want a fireplace.

Can you tell that I am scattered today? A little - I slept alright (for a change), but my mind is full of plans for the upcoming show, concerns over how much I can afford to print, mount, mat, frame, and hope that someone will find one or two prints worth purchasing. Sigh. I never got this nervous about a concert.

The lake is up several feet, but we have tens of feet to go before we can consider it full. That's why I am not complaining about the rain. Well, that and the fact that I like to go out and let the rain pepper me with sky-kisses, wash my soul, connect me with everything that has touched water, now, in the past, in the future. It's a circle of life kind of thing.

I have been in something of a good mood lately. The end is nigh.

Now that I've wasted all these words on nothing, I think I'll go make a grocery list and clean something...or bake something...or eat something...or all of the above. Cheers.


Ginaagain said...

Hi there! I'm delurking to tell you that there is an award for your blog waiting on mine.

Suzy said...

I bought a DVD of a fireplace at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's so fabulous you think your place is getting warmer and it looks real and sounds like a fire. And it comes with music that you can turn off if you want. TEN BUCKS!

devilsivy said...

Yes, cleaning as the moon wanes. Lots of rain to you, or Evil-Genius-Goddess-collaborated snow. And much joy to those who take home your prints!

Kyddryn said...

Gina, cheers - I'll follow the rules tomorrow - it's difficult to type while eating spaghetti...

Suzy, every year one of the local stations runs a video of a fireplace for several hours on Christmas morning. I record it and play it back for the day...but it's not the same. I am something of a pyro, after all...

Devilsivy, thank you!