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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I'm tired.

I feel boring.

Sprout has been waking up in the night again, and also early in the morning. I've taken to taking her into my bed so she can nestle in with me and sleep a little more. A sleep-deprived Sprout is not pretty or fun!

I have not been going anywhere much of late. Too much to do, of late - trying to sew, laundry, housework, getting ready for the trip, and simply wrangling two energetic and attention-demanding kids. The grocery store is about the edge of our travel limits.

Thank goodness for Netflix. T let us use his account, and the Evil Genius and I take turns picking things to ignore. Right now we're watching the series "Life After People". I am cleaning by inches, packing a little at a time, asking the Evil Genius to play with Sprout while I clean the van and trailer. He's been wonderful, and she adores him so she doesn't mind that I go outside without her.

I could use some kid-free time, if I'm being honest...but that's a rare commodity. I got a little last Saturday - some friends came over and minded the spawn while I went up to Mum's for an artists' market. It was nice. More, please!

It's looking like Someone will not be home until late on Thursday. It'll be a long, busy day for me - T is picking up the Evil Genius (the little dude doesn't want to go on this trip, and I figured he and his father could use some time together, so the boy will have ten days with his dad, all good), I need to get the trailer and van packed and hitched (imagine how fun that'll be, on my own!), get trash out, cat boxes cleaned, garden watered, and generally making everything ready, because we're leaving at 6 in the morning on Friday. Someone can sleep a bit in the van if the baby behaves herself. It's at least a fourteen hour drive. I hope to do it all, but realistically we'll be lucky to make ten or twelve hours. Sprout starts to get pissed off and tells us about it, and there's only so much of that we can take before we have to stop.

I'd love to help you get to sleep with more details, but I need to get off my tired arse and get to doing laundry, finish packing, and running errands.

What're your days looking like?

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