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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anybody Home In There?

I am a little concerned about the Evil Genius.

Either he's suffering from a traumatic head injury that he failed to tell me about or...oh, yeah, wait...he's nine. That explains it.

He is forgetful. To an exasperating extent.

He leaves lights on that should be turned off. He leaves dishes and cups and crumbs on the table and dishes out huge servings of attitude when reminded to clean up after himself. Likewise with the empty wrappers and containers. He leaves clothes on the floor, and toys, and books and...is that Jimmy Hoffa???

He leaves toys at other people's houses, including the iPod Touch his father gave him and the cell phone that he's supposed to keep charged and with him when he's not home. He leaves his cell phone off or uncharged most of the time. He leaves doors open that should be closed, leaves things withing Sprout's reach that should not be there.

He forgets things I told him only moments ago. He forgets to brush his teeth or clear off his bed or flush the toilet. Sometimes he forgets to comb his hair or change his clothes for days on end unless I remind him relentlessly to do so.

And he's not even a tween yet, let alone a teen.

I'm going to need Xanax...


Holly said...

Wow, wow, wow!

Phelan said...

My first thought would be a type of migraine without pain. My little brother has them, and his behavior reminds me of not only my little brother, but myself. Happy thoughts.