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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update, Update, Keylime Pie?

Tuesdays usually mean a jaunt up to Mum's for the day. We run errands or hang out at her house doing crafty stuff, gossiping, and generally spending time together. I often bring the kids with me so Someone can have a quiet day.

Today, though, we opted out. Someone is out of town, Mum had weirdness with her voice, it was raining, and we both had things to get done. I'll haul the kids up there on Thursday, even if it's only to hook up the trailer and bring it back to the Casa (I need it here to pack for the event we're going to next week).

I decided I should try to update my phone.

What. A. Process.

Next time I need something to do on a rainy day, I'll refinish the floors. It'll be easier and take less time.

As I write this, the phone is supposedly restoring itself after the update is complete. I have been at it since late this morning! So maybe I have never, ever synched or updated it, and maybe that's a no-no...but good grief, even so, all dang day??

I need to clean some things off of the phone, like some of the over 2,000 photos. Wow. I had no idea there were so many. By later tonight, there will be far fewer.

It is taking long enough that I am wondering what to do while I wait. I'm thinking I should bake a keylime pie. Nothing says "updated phone" like keylime pie, right?

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Suzy said...

When Blogger changed their format, a lot of people didn't realize they had to disable the authorization codes to enable people to comment without the hassle of proving they're not a bot.

Not sure you're aware you have it enabled but it does turn off commenters! (I'm just stubborn)