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Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a Day

It has been an unremarkable day, really.

The clothes dryer crapped out this weekend - the brand new one - and a repair man came today to teach it the error of its ways. Seems the blower fan came unseated. Of course it did - what else would one expect from an appliance at Casa de Crazy?

I was told to expect the repair person between eight and noon. I woke up a few minutes after eight (don't be jealous, I was up until one-thirty, sewing), went out to the garage to move the old washer out of the way (fun, that, when one is moving the thing alone). He got here at about nine, so I had a little time to play with Sprout and ignore the dirty dishes left over from the weekend (I worked at the track all weekend, leaving house and kids to the tender mercies of Someone and Handy J. Very few dishes were done, but the children, critters, and Casa de Crazy survived intact).

Sprout slept through the night, so that was a bonus...I definitely think she's feeling better. She's certainly eating like crazy, making up for her loss of appetite/throwing up last week.

I put on a movie - Rango - for the kids this morning, to keep them occupied while the repair fellow was here. I had to shut the cats into my room. Bird was up on the couch, entranced. Sprout clambered up and settled in on his lap. Seemingly unaware, her put an arm around her, she leaned back and settled into him, and they watched the movie for about twenty minutes like that. I watched them watching the movie, my two kids together. Sweet.

The dryer was a fairly quick fix. The repair man helped me move the old one into the garage, and I'll get it over by the washer tomorrow so I can maybe park in the garage for a change.

A run to the bank (I was overdrawn, and this weekend garnered me some income to fill that hole), to the grocery store, then home, and it was nap time.

Laundry throughout the afternoon. A phone call or two. A friend came over for dinner, a nice distraction from the presence that isn't here right now.

Boring, huh?

One less day without Someone, who spent the night and today driving/riding with Handy J, on their way to Handy J's land which needs some maintenance.

There was no lottery winning, no phone call telling me I'm being published, no spectacular success or failure - just a day. I'll take it - I so often feel as thought I'm running along the razor's edge of disaster, a dose of ordinary makes a nice change.

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