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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Whew. Casa de Crazy is a little crazier at the moment - Someone's mom came down for a visit, along with his sister and her twin pre-schoolers (two three-year-old girls...think she's got HER hands full??), got here last night. The girls are running Bird ragged and the baby has hardly touched her bed, what with Auntie L and Grandma B vying to hold her.
Super Bowl day, and while I don't do football, I do the Superbowl. Yeah, I like the commercials. I watch the game and ask stupid questions that Someone patiently answers, but it's the ads I wait for.
I made chili. It's simmering on the stove, making the house smell loverly. Someone's mom brought jalapeno corn bread, stuffed jalapenos, and chipped beef dip (sounds and looks like a culinary train wreck but holy carp it's tasty!!), and his sister is planning on making Chex Mix later. I'll be throwing together a sausage-cream cheese dip closer to the game. Yep, we've got eats.
I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Yes, I know I'm still supposed to be resting...but honestly, I love cooking, and with Bird happily entertained/entertaining the girls and an Auntie and Grandma to love on the baby, I can get in there and play for a minute, which is like therapy only tastier.
There's a hockey game on right this minute. You know, Someone's a happy fellow!
Auntie L and Grandma B took the twins and the Evil Genius off on a shopping excursion - something about batteries for the gifts they brought (it was cheaper to drive down here from Something Carolina than it was to ship Xmas stuff)(no, really) and needing ingredients for...erm...I dunno what...

The house it unnaturally quiet.
Mum boarded ship for her twenty day cruise today. As I have not heard from her, I am guessing all went well. If they haven't departed, yet, they will soon. Twenty day without talking to her, or visiting, or e-mailing...wow...

Considering that we usually talk on a daily basis, it won't be easy. She said she'd miss me...I think she'll be too busy cruising, and I'm glad. She needs it. I could not do a twenty day cruise; I'd miss the kids too much, miss my family and Casa de Crazy. We'll be going up to Mum's from time to time to look after plants and the house and take care of the pond. I will e-mail her pictures of Sprout so she won't miss all the growing that happens in the first month...she's paying for some Internet time onboard ship, which I think requires a third mortgage and a kidney.
What're you up to, today?

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That Janie Girl said...

Your mom will probably go to the computer floor and email you and read your blog. She'll want to stay connected. Hope they have fun!

Love blueberry pancakes.

Now get your rest!