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Friday, February 4, 2011

Medicine for the Heart

I'm tired. I'm sore. I'm tired of being sore (What, it's too much to ask that nine whole days after what amounts a major surgery, I'm all healed up and ready to go??). I can sleep on my sides and back again, but have to move very carefully. The recent spate of Winter weather means the Evil Genius has been stuck indoors for several days, and he's full of beans and wants constant attention, which I cannot give him.

Life has not pushed the pause button while we adjust to our new family dynamic. Not that I expected it to - this isn't my first rodeo.

So I'm tired, and I'm sore, and I'm tired of being sore.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, for no reason, I feel my chest tighten, my eyes burn with unshed tears. I want to go lie down and hide under the covers until my hormones play nice.

Luckily, usually just when I could use it most, I catch sight of something like this:

And it helps.


That Janie Girl said...

Oh, yes.

That is absolutely beautiful.

Feel better soon - and quick healing to you.

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

hormones are the best aren't they?

I remember crying because I was so sore and couldn't stand to make a trip to the grocery store for garbage bags...

I think back on that and think
what the hell?

things will definitely pass :)