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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sometimes You Da Windshield...

...sometimes you da bug.


I feel flattened.

Yesterday wasn't too bad, but it wore me out. What the Hell happened to going to bed at two, waking up at five and going all day??

Oh, wait...I got older and had kids.

We spent the morning at the doctor's office - Bird had some ass-kicking asthma going on, the kind his regular inhaler couldn't touch. I hate it when the kid can't breathe. He uses his whole body, struggling to get a breath in or out. I have asthma, so I know what he's going through...and I hate that I can't make it all better for him.

So he asked if we could go to the doctor - and you know a kid feels like some kind of awful when he wants to go see the MD!

When we got there, they told us they couldn't see us. Really! They said we could sit and wait, and maybe in an hour or so they'd squeeze us in...or we could take one of their late-afternoon appointments and come back.

Now...in order to go to the doctor's office, it wasn't just "throw the kid in the car and go down the block". No. The baby had to be fed, changed, dressed, and packed into her car seat. The Evil Genius had to be dressed and packed into the van before the car seat went in, because the car seat blocks the way for him. Someone needed coffee to live. No, really - you need oxygen, he needs coffee. I needed about twenty more hours of sleep because I'd been up just about every hour the night before (feeding Sprout or giving the Evil Genius breathing treatments). I could have let Someone handle some of it, but if you're a mom, you understand - there's no sleeping when it comes to your kids. Even when someone else is perfectly able and willing to handle them, if you're anywhere within earshot, you're awake and twitchy. Then we had a twenty minute drive to get there.

So getting to the doc.'s was a production. Then, when we got there, there was a random, unattended child in the well-baby waiting area...which pissed me off, because where were her parents and couldn't they read the multi-lingual signs? The ones clearly stating that children (well or not) are NOT permitted in there? How hard is it for TWO of you to keep track of your ONE child in a waiting room? One with glass walls? And why would you NOT know where the Hell she is at all times? Look, it's not the Mall of America, people - it's a small space in a small building in a small town doctor's office. Also? Put the cell phone down and keep your plague spawn away from the well-baby area, you freakin' rude, slacker ass-holes. Not that I feel strongly about it or anything. When I told the lady at the front desk about the unattended, free-range snot-factory, she looked confused and said "Oh..." and did...nothing. Sigh.

I looked at my kid, fighting for air. I looked at the woman at the counter. I would really like to have smacked her upside the head with his inhaler. I took the earliest appointment they had and told Someone we would have to come back. Neither of us was thrilled, but he took it well...at least we could go home and have breakfast, now. We'd skipped that nicety because we both felt Little Dude needed oxygen a bit more than we needed freezer biscuits.

As we were leaving, the nurse called out to me - would I let her check Bird's pulse-ox before we left? Why yes, yes I would. Someone waited while she put the sensor on Bird's finger, frowned, and asked us to come back with her - she wanted to check with another machine.

Turns out, the other machine also told her something she didn't like, because next thing I knew we were ushered into a little room, Someone brought Sprout on back, and Bird was dosed with one medication orally and hooked up to a nebulizer for another med in short order.

So that was our morning.

Once he was oxygenating a little better, we got some prescriptions and headed on out.

Next stop? Evil Empire. While the kitchen sink makes for a cute bath tub for the baby, it gets a little old trying to hold her slippery butt up while getting it clean...so we wanted a tub. And some pants - for some reason, we don't have many pairs of pants for her. Odd. And a bottle scrubber. Oh, yeah, and one of those basket thingies for washing bottle parts in the dishwasher. And, umm...yeah, whatever else we need to live.

Then grocery store for a few essential items (I needed those powdered doughnuts to live, honest!!)and prescription pick up.

Home again, and as soon as I ate, fed and medicated the Evil Genius, and fed Sprout, she and I retired for a nap. Poor Someone...I left him to fend for himself, even though he was nice enough to make me lunch...

Someone and the Evil Genius got up to some arts and crafts while us ladies snoozed, and I woke to home-made birthday cards from my guys - sweet!

That was the afternoon, then.

The evening was all about Wii Resort Frisbee golf, junk food, and general family time.

So I didn't spend the day curing cancer, climbing Mount Everest, or exploring the Mid-Atlantic Trench...but I went to bed feeling steam-rolled anyway and got up this morning feeling much the same way. Good grief.

Meanwhile, Sprout seems to think eating and fresh nappies should occur on a regular basis, the Evil Genius has ideas about games we should constantly be playing, Casa de Crazy isn't cleaning itself, and I don't give a hoot, I'm taking a danged nap.

How're you feeling?

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Magpie said...

I'd like to take a damned nap someday.