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Monday, June 28, 2010

I Came Home Why?

Oh, yeah...because Ohio was hot, the Internet failed mid-week, and the cats were getting lonely.


It was a good trip, I just got in, have to get the Evil Genius settled. My feet are poofy from the heat, humidity, and what felt like several years in the van, driving home.

I may not have Internet for a while - the phones are already turned off (how lovely to come home to that) and the Net is sure to follow...but tomorrow I will try my dangdest to get things rolling again. If AT&T isn't willing to work with me, though, it'll be a while before I'm cruising the Blue Nowhere again.

Double sigh. Anyone have a rich uncle who'd like to adopt??


Cinner said...

I wish you luck, it is always a bugger when these things happen. If I find a rich anyone I will send them your way. I hope it all works out.

HermitJim said...

Welcome home...although to a nasty surprise!

Hope things get settled for you soon!

Susan said...

Well, crap. Hot crap.