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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ten days until Wisteria.Solstice Nine if we leave a day early because we can get in a day early, which is a bonus because it means we can take our time setting up.

Wait, what's Wisteria Solstice? It's our annual Solstice event, the one we go to in Ohio. It used to be PSG, but PSG moved elsewhere and Wisteria booked the band first, and sometimes it's about timing and commitment and patterns. Wisteria is part of the pattern of my year - the place, not necessarily the event. I love PSG, too...but can't afford to go to an event I'm not performing at. Not that I get paid much, if anything...but at least I get in for free, so all I have to pay for is fuel and food, and in the end it's not bad for ten days camping, singing, and hanging out with like-minded folks.


The point is, I have ten (nine) days to: clean the house (including the poor bathroom that bore the brunt of the septic tank hilarity); do laundry and pack clothing and entertainment for the Evil Genius (how many AA batteries do you think we'll burn through on our trip??); clean out the trailer, unpack, organize, and repack all the camping gear; grocery shop, prep, and freeze cook-ahead food items and meats; grocery shop at the last minute for fresh foods; clean more house; clean the van; rehearse with the band; figure out a time for the Evil Genius to see his dad since our plans for this week fell through and I'm worried the kid won't see his father again before July, at this rate; get the oil changed; pay bills so things don't get shut off while we're gone; learn to make pickles so the lovely cucumbers on our vines don't go to waste; make cards and mount/mat prints to (hopefully) sell at Wisteria; refill a prescription an hour from where I live because I didn't think to do it when I was up there yesterday; a ton of other things I'm too tired to articulate just now.


I'll get it all done or I won't...either way, we're leaving in ten (nine) days for a week of camping, music, pagans, free spirits, and hopefully some relaxation. I may have Bob the Wonder Computer with me if I can manage to squeeze a new power cord out of my budget - the current (hah!) one has a break in the wire and won't power the machine unless it is in EXACTLY the right position and the planets have aligned. And it whines while it's at it. It's being held together with a rubber band. So yeah, I'm a little leery about traveling with it.

So what are you up to/planning these days?


Kit said...

Soon we will visit Florida for Billy's cousin's Navy retirement. We will have to get up early and throw boys in the car in their pajamas, probably. Not fun. The trip should be nice though, simple and enjoyable and short. Then I will have one shoort, busy week to clean and plan and pack for our big annual week-long family campout.

Sigh. Every year before the campout, I feel like maybe, just MAYBE, it's not worth the trouble and I am certifiably insane for doing this to myself AGAIN. I just have to remember how, after all is said and done, I will be SO glad I did it. I hope.

Luci said...

Whoo boy! You have a lot to do there. I hope you get it done.

Our old, old computer did the same thing. It whined and whined until it died.

Right now I'm counting down the days until my hubby is home (end of July), working on a gift for him and finally getting around to doing some writing. I'm also working on some scrapbooks and reading in my "free" time.

Have a good time on your trip!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


Should I be planning something? For, like... something?!?