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Sunday, June 6, 2010


I spent the weekend working communications at the track. It's fun, but the headset gave me a headache yesterday and today.
Someone did yeoman's duty this weekend - he looked after the Evil Genius, which deserves a medal of some sort.
Someone also cooked a fabulous dinner last night - homegrown cabbage leaves stuffed with sausage, homegrown baby zucchini, homegrown onions, a few tomatoes and some cheese. Spoiled, me.
We've been eating a bit from the garden, and I am enjoying it. The Evil Genius has even devoured more than a few raw peas and green beans. He ate our first cucumber a few days ago. Cool.
Lots to do in the next few weeks, and it's a little overwhelming to think about - we have to get ready for our Ohio trip. I don't feel at all prepared.
Lately I'm tired a lot. I don't like it. I have started stretching again, limbering up...soon, I will walk, and then perhaps run. If you feel the ground trembling, sorry 'bout that.

1 comment:

Not The Rockefellers said...

Love catchin' up with you!
I'm missing your "worn slap out" :)

I used to wear a headset at one of my jobs..it made me look like a rockstar but it used to give me throbbing headaches...I don't miss it.

Awwww..Someone sure is spoiling you
and that's pretty great :)

Peace ~ Rene