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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

SO we're in Ohio.

You'd think Ohio would be pleasant this time of year..

You wouldn't think it would be hotter than Satan's sweat socks.


We had a lovely drive up, although I wondered if South Carolina was ever going to end. Please don't be offended, SC - you're a perfectly nice state, but when the kid in the back seat is anxious to get to Ohio and keeps asking if we're in a new state yet...well...maybe you could put yourself on a diet, skinny up a little?

Friday night we stayed at a local motel, and wound up watching something tantamount to COPS outside our room. Ahh, small town entertainment.

Yesterday we set up our campsite. To say it was warm would be to understate severely. I could have wrung out my top! Someone was sans shirt almost immediately. We had a nice day - even the Evil Genius was happy because there were scads of other kids his age to play with. He's off with them now, I have no idea where.

Last night I fell asleep to drumming.

I would post photos, but I forgot the camera dock, so it'll have to be words until I get home or think of an alternative.

I am sweating just sitting here typing, and it's not even the hottest part of the day. Whew. Ohio, what's up??

I'm waiting for some others to arrive so we can set up the vend site. Grooooaaaaannnn. Hot...whimper...

For those interested, my band's concert schedule for this event:
Wednesday, 5 - 6 at the cafe
Thursday - 8 PM, Main Stage
Friday - Noon at the cafe

We may be broadcast live, and if so it'll be through PaganSpace.net.

Now, whether you'll excuse me or not, I need to go corral the Evil Genius, apply more sunscreen, and figure out how to get a new air mattress...ours died beneath us as we slept last night, and that trailer floor is not notoriously comfortable!


Momlady said...

So sorry about the mattress and the heat. I don't think it would be so bad if you weren't in a hole where there's no breeze. Good luck this week. I have a meeting at 5 on Thursday but will try to get back home in time. Please let me know if you are going to be broadcast for sure. Glad the Evil Genius has found kids to play with. You may never see him the whole time except for meals and bedtime (which he will, no doubt, argue with you about). Luv you.

Gypsy Guru said...

Hey - I have a ceiling fan question for you. Check your FB page, s'il vous plait? Kittehs are all fine as are the veggies.

darsden said...

Wish I was close to Ohio, I would come see you in a heartbeat... and I feel your heat and raise you by 20 degrees with a heavy smell of oil in the air...! I offer my pool to you it's a cool 92 degrees right now and it's 9:30 am LOL... Can't wait for the pictures

Susan said...

I hate being in heat like that almost as much as I love the phrase, "Satan's sweat socks." Genius!! I'm with your mom - let us know for sure if you're going to be live. I want to listen. Any way to record in case people expect me to feed them or drive them somewhere and I miss it?? Have a HAWT time!!!!

Holly said...

Yep... this year it's like some demon escaped and didn't take the time to shut the door to hell on his way out.

And, if you think SC is bad, for the love of all that's holy, don't bring the E.G. through PA for his head is likely to pop off his shoulders!

Enjoy your time amongst the fair folk and Bright Blessings!