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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tradition, Tradition...Tradition!!

So it was Someone's birthday yesterday. I'm funny about birthdays - I hate my own, but I love celebrating the birthdays of the people I love. I am glad they were born and want to let 'em know it.

Here at Casa de Crazy, there's a tradition - if you live here, I will bake (or buy if I can't bake) your favorite cake, and you get to choose what we have for dinner. If it's something I don't know how to cook, we'll order in or go out. You also get to spend the day doing what you'd like best to do.

Someone didn't want to tell me what his favorite cake was. I had to ask his mama. I had to twist his dang arm to get him to tell me what he'd like for dinner, because he likes to be difficult. Sigh.

I had rehearsal mid-day (the band has TWO gigs booked for this summer...woo-hoo!), and it was a gorgeous day, so I packed up the Evil Genius and left Someone at home to chill, play in the dirt, and throw darts at the garage wall his dart board.

I picked up groceries on the way home, made frosting for the cake I baked Tuesday evening, and got dinner cooked while Someone played in the yard, shadowed by the Evil Genius and sharing beers with Mum, who joined us for the festivities.

Bored, yet?

It was, I think, a good day. Someone scored some yard time, some funny beers (Sweetwater Brewery's Tackle Box is hilarious), and a halfway decent meal for a change (running joke around here).

Holy carp, we had Australia for dinner!!

One day soon, our salad will be home grown - Someone has been working hard in the garden.

I didn't want to set the fire alarm off...so I just randomly threw some candles at the cake.

Hmm...it wasn't supposed to be an upside down cake...

Happy birthday, Someone. Thanks for making Casa de Crazy home.


Momlady said...

It was a fun evening.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks for leaving me the potato peels and fat-gristle-- and not even making me dig through coffee grounds to find 'em! I gesss, it being my birthday and all, wrapping them in their bloody wax paper saved the present-opening ceremony from being a non-event...

Love you, Flower