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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mother's Little Helper

Well...mother's sweetheart's little helper, really.

The Evil Genius is right fond of Someone. He mimics the man - if Someone is playing darts, the Evil Genius wants to play. If Someone puts on a jacket because he's going outside and it's cold...the Evil Genius does the same. If Someone eats spinach...well, let's not get carried away, here.

So when we (yes, WE - I helped, too) worked on putting in a garden bed in the front yard Sunday(Casa de Crazy is going to attempt growing some of our own food this year, to eat fresh and put up for next winter)(seriously, have you SEEN the price of tomatoes lately? They're like little red balls of gold!) , the little dude wanted to help. He moved some sod clods with me, and raked a little, and helped Someone measure the finished bed to make sure it wasn't all crooked.

And when Monday saw us out front, amending and improving the bed in front of the house, Little Dude was right there.

He was careful to use safety equipment.
I wish I'd gotten a photo of him in his "safety goggles", a pair of sunglasses so dark, they may as well be drywall for all you see through them.
When tools were needed, he was on the job.

When Someone asked for some stones to help prop up our timbers, level them up a bit for back-filling, Bird fetched 'em in a hurry.

He didn't hesitate when it was time to stake a vampire, either, grabbing one of the monstrous nails we were using to secure the timbers and getting to it.*

He even hauled wood, and a four-foot length of landscape timber is no laughing matter.
I wasn't helping him, either...he carried that thing himself. The shot's all cock-eyed because he wasn't stopping for a mere photo - he had work to do, by gum, and if I couldn't shoot on the fly I wasn't getting my shot!

He learned how to measure and mark wood, and about cutting carefully.
We got it done, all of us.
Not bad for one very talented, hardworking Someone, one Evil Genius, and one completely out of shape nutter who is more marshmallow than human.

*No vampires were harmed in the making of this blog.

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Cygnus MacLlyr said...

That's one small step for Swan, one giant catbox for feralkind...