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Friday, January 25, 2013

Woo-Hoo, She's Two!

The Sprout is Two today.



She is 35 7/8 inches tall, so if the formula holds true (take their height at Two and double it), she'll be about 5' 10", which just happens to be how tall both Someone and I are.  She weighs 25 pounds, one ounce.

She's 50'th percentile for weight, 75'th for height, and 100% our little biscuit baby.  Toddler.  Gah!


She speaks clearly enough to be understood by non-family.  What her vocabulary lacks in scope she makes up for with enthusiasm - she knows names, knows Mama and Papa and Buddy (her name for the Evil Genius), cat, water, juice, cheese, eat, sit, sauce (apple sauce), outside, shoes, want, hat, Pooh, Pingu, Shaun (as in Shaun the Sheep, a claymation show that she recently decided was delightful), moon,ball, candy (groan), blow, slide, and fish, and some more that I can't recall because I am a terrible mommy and don't write down every little thing she says or does.  She has a  "No!!!" and isn't afraid to use it.

If I ask her where her cup, her jacket, her shoes, Pooh, or any number of things are, she can find them and bring them to me, even if they're in another room.

She will climb anything that doesn't move out from under her.

Like her Mama, she is somewhat immune to the cold (except when she's sleeping - if she's even slightly chilled, she wakes up and tells me about it!) and playing in water.  Like her Papa, she loves being out in the sun (unless it's in her eyes) and gardening.  She adores her Buddy, would follow him through Hell if that's where he was going.  She has figured out how to hiss at the cats and make them run, which amuses her very much, them not so much.  She can put her finger to her lips and say "Shhhhhh", but she still doesn't have much grasp of the concept of an indoor voice.

She purses her lips and turns them up at us when she wants kisses, and she will wrap her little arm around my neck and pat me when we hug.

Her smile.  Oh, how I love her smile.  She can be so solemn, looking at the world and sorting things out...and then she grins that little girl grin, the trouble grin, the smile that expresses her whole being, her delight at the world, her joy in being, just being, and she incandesces and I melt into a puddle on the floor which she will fetch a towel to clean up because she knows that's what we do when something spills.


Strange how someone can go from small, wriggly, helpless, to larger-than-life, full-tilt-boogie, and fiercely independent in such a short time.

Strange to thing what changes we will experience in the coming year, the coming years.

For now, she is two and that is enough, more than enough.

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