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"...besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child." - Bryce Courtenay, The Power of One

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Sunday, January 13, 2013


My Mum is my staunchest supporter, literally and figuratively.

She is my cheerleader, my sympathetic ear, and more often than either of us would like, she's my wallet and erstwhile loan officer.

She keeps her mouth shut when she'd like to speak because she honors my alleged adulthood and my right to screw up my life however I choose.  She speaks when she'd rather stay silent because she'd rather lance the boil than let it fester, even when letting it fester would be less painful in the short run.

She will not let my children do without anything, even when it means she has to do without something herself.

She also understands that some things, while not essential to life, go a long way towards making life more bearable and even downright enjoyable.

That's why she gave me a new camera for Yule - can't be a photographer without a working camera, can I?

That's why she decided to give me an early birthday present.

Mum's laptop went kerflooey.  That is too a word.  It went kerflooey, leaving Mum with the need for a laptop.  She decided that I need a laptop, too, since Bob the Wonder Computer is long past retirement and has been largely unusable for the last year, leaving Casa de Crazy with the desktop and three computer-hungry people to use it.

Last week, we went on an outing and I came home with a new laptop.  It is a Gateway Somethingorother, with whiz-bangs, zoomers, and fooferaw to spare.  I have a deep and abiding affection for the keyboard, which is almost full sized  and only needs soft contact to type.  It fits my hands beautifully.  With it, I can once again blog at will.  I named it Albino Bob, because it is white and the name appeals to me.

It is not the original Bob, and will never replace him in my affections, but it is a mighty fine gizmo and has already become part of my morning routine.  I look forward to screwing up learning the ins and outs of Albino Bob's programming.

Welcome to the Casa, Albino Bob.

And thank you, Mum, for so much more...


That Janie Girl said...

Moms rock!

Hi, AlbinoBob!!

Moon M said...

Folks in general rock.

Mine surprised me with a New washer for Christmas. I didn't expect & was brought to tears. Mom said, "We did it because we could & knew you needed it."

They both decided to help me out now, because Mom said it may be a different story down the road. And, they are my Parents & Love me, so let us help you out while we can.