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Monday, January 14, 2013


This is a Nintendo 3DS:
This is what happens when you leave your 3DS with Super Mario Kart 7 in it on the bumper of a neighbor's Jeep unbeknownst to them  and they go run an errand, and the 3DS falls off the bumper onto a highway and gets run over once or twice or however many times:

The 3DS is, in case you were wondering, worth more than the blue book value of my van.  I cannot replace it.  His father will not replace it.  The Evil Genius?  Is heartbroken.  Tears.  Many, many tears.  Copious, even.

Can you keep a secret?

I'm heartbroken, too.

I hate that he has to learn this lesson this way.  He loved that thing.  Loved.  He actually took it out of his pocket and put it on the bumper so he wouldn't break it while playing with his friend.  He didn't.  Want. To Break. It.

Hello, irony?



So how did you learn the lesson to be careful with your precious things?  Or did you?


Moon M said...

I learned a lesson concerning an expensive digital voice recorder that was used for Ghost Hunting. During a hunt in a cemetery, I put it on the roof of my SUV & started recording. Walked away to take pictures & forgot about it.

Got back to the vehicle & drove off not realizing it was on the roof. Realized it when I heard something scoot across the roof & hit the road - looked in the mirror & figured out what happened. Stopped the car & tried to retrieve it only to see it run over & over & over by car after car.

I was so upset, but learned a lesson. Nothing goes on the car - it stays on my person or stays home. Had to buy another one after saving money again.

Momlady said...

Sorry he had to learn the hard way. Hopefully he'll get over it. He was trying to be careful.