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Monday, January 7, 2013


So the Evil Genius is now ten.  We had a party for he and a friend yesterday at an indoor play-place/containment area, and then a friend's house for cake and nibblies.  I think everyone had a good time.
 The Evil Genius didn't know I was shooting his picture, so I actually got him looking like himself rather than wearing his big, goofy, you're-shooting-my-picture grin.  I love my new camera with the great big zoom!  I love my boy, who is growing up fast.

 Sprout, taking a much-needed juice break - those bounce houses are exhausting!

 The Evil Genius wanted an Oreo cake.  I had to press him to find out what that meant.  Lucky for me, in this case it meant cake/frosting with crushed Oreos in 'em, which made it easy on me.  I was afraid he wanted a cake that looked like an Oreo, which wasn't going to happen!

You can sort of see how the candles burned with colored flames.  They are a nifty idea, but I have to say they didn't impress me much.  The Evil Genius didn't much care - he just enjoyed blowing them out.

The friend with whom we shared the party turned four recently.  He had vanilla cupcakes with strawberry icing - his mother made them in silicon baking cups, so I got to see how those work out.  Turns out, they work just fine.

We had a nice number of kids of varying ages to play, some yummy snacks - K2 made what I dubbed Flying Spaghetti Monsters (cocktail wienies with spaghetti running through them like noodle-y legs) - and congenial adult company...and my boy is now a Tween.  A Tween!!  Ack!!!

Now I just have to survive Sprout turning two in a few weeks...holy wow...

How was your weekend?


devilsivy said...

I love silicon baking cups! Best wishes for a beautiful year to the Evil Genius. May he and you who love him prosper in all endeavors this year!

Michelle Roebuck said...

Love the shots of the Evil Genius and Sprout - was that taken just before the unexpected, ass-end-over-teakettle flounce? I do wish I'd moved that blue Dixie cup further from the cupcakes... I think it's in my shots of them, too. I do like the big basket of fruits & veggies in the background of the cake... Gives it some kind of nice balance. Good work with your new camera! The baking cups were ridiculously easy to use - I do believe I quite recommend them!