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Monday, March 26, 2012


I know it's been a minute...I've been sick and not much feeling like being online for any length of time, and then the van went in for an oil change and had to have substantial work done, but since I thought it was only going to be in the shop for day, I left Bob the Wonder Computer in her and it took a week to fix her, so I was Bob-less. Sigh.

So Sprout isn't a baby any more. She'll always be my baby of course, but she's a toddler (and occasionally a stumbler, and frequently a runner and climber, too) now, although I wouldn't call what she does toddling - she is steadier on her feet than some adults! I was looking through some photos and thought "Holy carp!!" Look, just born:

And then a year later:

And a few days ago (at 14 months-ish):

See what I mean? Holy carp! Time flies...

The photos are all of her sleeping because that's just about the only time she'll sit still.

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Holly said...

It does fly...I was just musing on the same thing when I posted the pic on my FB page of my nieces girls. I so wish I lived closer so I could hug them more.

Yes, it does fly, but the really great gift of our modern world is that you can share this reminder with us and even though we don't live anywhere near each other, I can think, "Awwww, look at her, time really does fly!"