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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sprouting in the Spring

On Ostara (vernal equinox), we were at Mum's. Last year, Mum and Someone fenced her garden space with a sort of invisible-to-deer fencing. Turns out, it's terrific for containing Sprout as well, which means we can take her outside at Mum's and let her wander a little. Mum decided to start turning one of her beds, so we grabbed a quilt to sit on, occupied a non-garden patch of ground, and kept her company.

Of course, Sprout was not content to sinply sit on the quilt - she had to help. She wandered about, then went to see what her Gramlin was up to.

As soon as her toes touched the freshly turned earth she wriggled them, then had to hunker down and get her hands into it and give it a feel. She ate a bit, crumbled clods in her hand, and generally had a good old sensory experience. She approved.

And yes, that's a headboard in the background - it's a garden bed, sillies.

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